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    • Welcome to the Employment Development Institute.
    • After more than 30 years of implementing the 「Disability Employment Promotion and Vocational Rehabilitation Act」, I wonder how much happier have Persons with Disabilities become.
      It may be rude to ask such question to anyone about happiness. It is of mere rhetoric without asking about such, before not confirming one’s different set of standard and definition of happiness. However, it is in truth that we all can be happy when the Persons of Disabilities are happy.
    • In 2018, we established the 5th Korea’s 5-year Action Plan for Disability Employment & Vocational Rehabilitation. That is, 25 consecutive years, every five year of strategy and policy alternative for disability employment. We are full of passion as always. Clumsy as passion it may be, Korea Employment Agency for the Disabled strived for the best to find jobs for the Persons with Disabilities. We have no need to be proud of such thing, but it was not hopeless to give up.
    고용개발원장 김언아
    • Voice of a poet cross my mind saying, train that stands still in midst of rain is the saddest scene. Nevertheless of passion, result and despair, we must go on with faith in order to make Persons with Disabilities in Korea happier, ultimately for our happiness.
    • Employment Development institute is a research hub focusing on disability employment, medium and long term plan, policy design, employment strategy. Policy Research Education & Training, Vocational Field Development should come at first hand for the success of disability employment and happiness for the Persons with Disabilities. Please Support Us! We will try harder!
      • Yours sincerely,

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